Lazada Birthday Conference 2022 Post-Conference

Hey Sellers! We hoped you had enjoyed the Lazada Birthday Conference 2022!

A hybrid event to celebrate 10 years of e-commerce with Lazada, we shared many tips on excelling on our platform with information on Consumer Marketing and Engagement, Advertising Solutions, Logistics, and more. For those who had unfortunately missed the conference, fret not, as we have a livestream replay and blog ready for you here!

Taking place at Suntec Singapore’s Convention & Exhibition Centre, guests received a lanyard name tag when they registered at the entrance and could only sit in their pre-assigned seats. To adhere to the Safe Management Measures (SMM), guests could only move in their allocated zone and no inter-zone mingling was allowed. Masks were required at all times other than during the allocated lunchtime. Lazada also has our own Safe Distancing Officers, who reminded guests to keep to SMM.

Guest mingling with their KAMs before the event started within their respective zones

The event was live-streamed simultaneously to allow more sellers to join us for the celebration as we were unable to host more attendees due to the 400-pax limitation. Nevertheless, we ensured that those watching through the livestream are included in the information sharing and can receive exclusive merchandise from the comforts of their homes.

Kicking off the celebrations was the opening speech by Lazada Singapore’s Chief Executive Officer, Mr Loh Wee Lee.

Lazada Singapore’s Chief Executive Officer, Mr Loh Wee Lee

Sharing that Lazada Group is the 7th in terms of monthly active users globally, Mr Loh also lets on that we are the 12th largest worldwide when talking about Gross Merchandise Value (GMV) size. For the future, Lazada continues to work towards retaining quality users on our platform, automation and ROI-focused solutions for sellers, and improved infrastructure for both sellers and buyers.

Having set a US$10 billion sales goal for the near future, Mr Loh shared that Lazada’s continuous improvement will help us in being the best at enabling brands and sellers to digitalise your business. Lazada seeks to partner with your brands to shape and evolve your business, going beyond what you have achieved so far.

Locally, Lazada Singapore has also grown vibrantly, with 61% of Singaporeans having Lazada app installed in their mobile phones and approximately 900,000 daily users. Year on year growth, Lazada’s 3.1 million monthly users in 2021 is a 21% increase in active users compared to 2020’s numbers.

Our success in attracting buyers is also contributed to the platform’s success in attracting amazing sellers like yourself. In 2021, we have seen an increase of 46% selling sellers on Lazada when compared to the year before! Lazada Singapore will continue supporting our sellers with advertising, the Everyday Cashback program, the Free Shipping program, and more solutions in the future.

Joel Aw, Head of Seller Growth

Joel Aw, Head of Seller Growth, then shared about the Lazada 10th Birthday Mega Campaign Pitch and information on Consumer Marketing and Engagement on the platform. He has also done recaps on the mega campaigns that Lazada Singapore ran over the past year, including the 11.11 and 12.12 campaigns.

For Lazada’s 10th Birthday Sale on 27th March, we will begin sales teasing from 19th March. We are expecting sellers to achieve up to 60 times uplift in sales, 35 times uplift in traffic, and 8x uplift in average order value! To attain these goals, Lazada will be giving away more than half a million dollars worth of giveaways!

Furthermore, we will increase the number of slots for popular mechanics such as flash sales, upsized cashback, more Lazada bonuses, and more. You can reach out to your Key Account Manager (KAM) for more details on Lazada’s 10th Birthday Campaign.

Michelle Teo, Marketing Solutions Lead, Lazmall and Sai Preeti, Marketing Solutions Lead, Marketplace & Product Operations

Sharing next was Sai Preeti, Marketing Solutions Lead, Marketplace & Product Operations, who offered more insights on advertising on Lazada. Topping up the Lazada Sponsored Solutions is one of the two top drivers for growth on the e-commerce platform, with the average ROI being 8 – 10 times.

During a mega campaign, we see about a 17% uplift in traffic to your promoted products and over 29% uplift in sales when using Lazada’s Sponsored Discovery. Sulwhasoo, who used this solution during the 11.11 Mega Campaign, drove 15 times ROI with this alone. With a huge uplift in sales, the brand had used automated features, like automated bidding, automated keyword selection and creative optimization to drive these awe-inspiring results.

Michelle Teo, Marketing Solutions Lead, Lazmall, also introduced the mega display packages that Lazada offers, especially for the upcoming EPIC 10th Birthday Sale. Lazada will continue to support brands and sellers across categories, and with the mega display packages, we hope to achieve a 7 times GMV uplift vs. BAU sales.

This is achievable by the full suite of in-app placements – including the prime spot on our homepage banners, Lazmall channel banners, Lazlive livestream, flash sale slots. Along with the in-app placements, the mega display packages also include targeted CRM EDMs, app pushes and social media posts, increasing the visibility of your brands amongst Lazada users. For more information on these and how they can help your e-commerce store, please approach your KAM for more details.

Vincent Nguyen Kim, Head of Seller Experience, and Blandon Sow, Seller Logistics Excellence

Vincent Nguyen Kim, Head of Seller Experience, and Blandon Sow, Seller Logistics Excellence, had also shared Lazada’s Customer First and Logistics updates during the event. We have heard feedback that sellers prefer the item list printed on the shipping label as it speeds up their fulfilment process. During the conference, it was also announced that sellers can print the item list together with the shipping label if they choose to, or retain the current model of printing, according to their needs.

Regarding shipping fee calculations, Vincent had also gone through the process once more so that sellers can be charged according to their packages and save more. For a more in-depth recap, please remember to check out the livestream on Lazada University.

Waylon, Head of Seller Engagement, and CEO Mr Loh during ‘Ask Our Ceo Anything’

The interactive event, ​​‘Ask Our Ceo Anything’,  sees Waylon, Head of Seller Engagement, and CEO Mr Loh answering some pressing questions from our sellers.

One of the questions asked by a seller was “How is Lazada going to create a platform that is less price-sensitive so that everyone can have a good selling experience in Lazada?” Mr Loh shared that there will be three parts in addressing this — the seller’s proposition, Lazada’s different activations and mechanisms, and collaborating with Lazada and our programs. Being able to utilise all these solutions will allow sellers to be in a better position that does not require price fighting.

Watch more Q&As in the livestream from the second hour onwards.

Mr Loh presented our Gold award to Nike & Logitech Official Store for passing 100,000K Store Followers

At the birthday conference, we are also very proud to present the Lazada Gold Award to Nike and Logitech’s official stores for surpassing 100,000 followers on their e-commerce platform.

Lazada is very honoured and thankful to have more brands joining our list of stores with 30,000 and 50,000 followers, presenting quality products to Lazada shoppers. Aiding brands and sellers to build up their e-commerce presence, Lazada will strive to present better mechanisms that will be beneficial to our partners.

We are also very thankful to everyone who has given us well-wishes on wishboard during the Lazada Birthday Conference. We are excited for the EPIC 10th Birthday Sale on 27 March, and we hope to bring more awesome collaborations and solutions for all our sellers in the near future! Do not forget to submit your Birthday Campaign deals as well as check out our Campaign Portal for more information about our Epic 10th Birthday Campaign! Stand a chance to win exclusive Lazada  Merchandise & vouchers when you join our Deal Submission Contest on our Laz Seller Facebook!