Hey Sellers! Do you know that Lazada brought some of our amazing Seller Ambassadors (SAs) to Hangzhou, China, in September for the Lazada Digiprenuer Program 2023?

From 13-16 September 2023, approximately 30 SAs, City Leaders (CLs), and LazStar Trainers from Southeast Asia joined the Lazada Team on the trip to Hangzhou, learning more about Alibaba and Lazada’s initiatives to boost the e-commerce scene, digital economy scene, and more. Through the trip, we also hoped to show our SAs and CLs our gratitude towards them for their contribution with appreciation swag and an exciting itinerary to bring them an unforgettable trip.

After checking in to the Alibaba Flyzoo Hotel, built using futuristic technology provided by Alibaba’s online travel platform, the group kickstarted the trip with an Alibaba Campus Tour of Pavilion 9. The Pavilion 9 is a museum that showcases the entire ecosystem of Alibaba, along with its stories. By visiting this museum, one can gain a panoramic view of the complete Alibaba ecosystem.

The team also learned more about the story of Alibaba’s Digital Ecosystem, learning about how the company developed from scratch and the strategic thinking behind its success. Attendees can benefit from this knowledge by applying it to their own businesses.

SAs also had the chance to visit Freshippo, which is Alibaba Group’s proprietary retail chain for groceries and fresh goods, located nearby the campus. Freshippo exemplifies the creation of a new shopping experience through the convergence of online and offline activities. It achieves this by using retail stores to warehouse and fulfil online orders, while also providing a rich and enjoyable experience for customers who prefer to shop in-store. Additionally, Freshippo’s exclusive fulfilment system enables swift 30-minute delivery to customers residing within a three-kilometre radius of a Freshippo store.

Alibaba also provided comprehensive insights on conducting business in China through digitalization, with a particular focus on the latest business models such as live-streaming. We hope that our SAs and CLs can apply these insights to their businesses and share them with fellow Lazada sellers during their sharing at the Seller Ambassador Day 2023.

Not only so but we have also conducted a site visit to Aliexpress Cross-border e-Commerce Park, located in the core area of Linping New City. In September 2020, Linping New City signed a strategic agreement with Alibaba’s Global AliExpress platform to promote the upgrading of traditional industries.

With the new generation of information technology as a crucial support, the park aims to achieve internet connectivity throughout the entire industry chain and product life cycle. It serves as a hub for the Internet industry, supporting industrial transformation, innovation, and creation. It connects the government, platforms, enterprises, and supply chains, creating a win-win ecosystem.

To aid our sellers in reaching out to a wider pool of resources, a sharing on sourcing from China & Alibaba Platform was also conducted, teaching our SAs and CLs how to access high-quality products at unbeatable prices. The sharing equipped them with the tools and knowledge they would need to successfully navigate the complexities of Chinese manufacturing and sourcing.

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. We definitely cannot have this for the trip, and we make a visit to the Hangzhou Local Tourist Attractions before heading to the airport for home.

Through this 4D3N trip, we hope to facilitate knowledge transfer and network expansion between SAs, CLs, and LazTrainers. We also hope they have gained valuable knowledge about the business ecosystem in China and best practices to be applied in their own business.

SAs who were on the trip will be sharing their takeaway during the Seller Ambassador Day 2023 Livestream, which will happen on 13 Oct at 2 pm. You can watch the live stream on Facebook or on  Lazada University.