Lazada’s New Seller Starter Pack

Hello Sellers! Fast track to mastering selling on Lazada today! We are pleased to introduce the exclusive new seller starter pack to everyone who had recently joined us on the platform today. Kickstart your Lazada seller journey with our intensive incubation package!

Embarking on your e-commerce journey for the first time, or having been unsuccessful in your online business previously due to lack of guidance, this incubation program is the perfect solution for you. Aimed to aid new sellers in maximising your brand’s e-commerce journey, you will be getting extensive support and guidance from our experienced Incubation Team.

From the creation of your products to eye-catching store decorations, new sellers stand to gain guidance and support in the best ways to attract eyeballs, which in turn help to convert to sales for your brand. Learn how to grow your new store with our Power of 5 Tools and campaign support, this incubation package will allow you to build a solid foundation of your business here on Lazada Singapore.

With up to 100 SKU creation support, the premium incubation support also includes three dedicated new seller training that will answer questions on selling with Lazada, maximising your e-commerce brand with campaign participation, and selling optimisation.

Many brands had taken up this exclusive incubation program and seen success after going through the program. Two of these brands, namely AJ Storage and 3 Elixir – Alcohol Delivery Singapore, shared their success with new sellers who are on the fence about taking up the starter pack.

Both brands took advantage of the starter pack to better align their brands with Lazada’s insights, achieving 11% and 30% conversion rates for their 11:11 campaigns respectively. Working with their incubation specialists, the brands were able to utilise Lazada’s tools to push their sales towards a new peak, and continued to take advantage of the skills that they had picked up during the program to further their e-commerce journeys.

This new seller starter pack is available to new Lazada Singapore sellers who creates a seller account on Lazada Singapore after 11 October 2021. We hope the new sellers will take up this exclusive incubation program and we have included a list of frequently asked questions below to answer any doubt that you might have.

Frequently Asked Questions

[Q1] Is incubation support locally based? Will I get face to face support?
[A1] Currently the incubation support will not be locally based. However, please rest assured that all our incubation specialists are professionally trained to help support and grow your Lazada store.

[Q2] I have purchased the package. When will I hear from the incubation team?
[A2] Once the order is confirmed you will be hearing from us regarding the assignment of your incubation specialist within 7 working days.

[Q3] What are the main role of the incubation specialist?
[A3] Our incubation specialist will offer guidance on the various tools and functions available in our Seller Center. They will also support your store in the participation of our campaigns, flash sales and other mechanics that will help to boost your store’s traffic and sales conversion.

[Q4] How long will it take to list my products?
[A4] For the listing of the 100 products, it will usually take around 5 working days. However, if your store has more than 100 products to be listed, please kindly reach out to your assigned incubation specialist.

[Q5] How long will it take for my store to be decorated? Is there a sample I can see?
[A5] For the store decorations, it will take around 3-5 working days, as long as all the necessary high-res images are provided and require minimal edit. For samples, please kindly reach out to your assigned incubation specialist, and they will be able to provide you with them.

Please check with your Key Account Manager for more information.

Get the exclusive seller starter pack here on Lazada!