Beyond Lazada E-Commerce: Crumpler’s Deep Dive

“From the seller’s perspective, LazMall actually offers a different vibe, by upholding brands’ imaging and also integrity for you to feel comfortable launching new products and launching exclusive products on the platform itself. So that’s kind of like the real pusher for Crumpler to switch over to LazMall.”

Our 2nd episode of the 7-Part Series “Beyond Lazada Ecommerce” introduces Crumpler, a brand from the “Fashion” category. We had a talk with their APAC Manager Nelson and the brand’s Key Account Manager (KAM), Leonara, on their LazMall experience.

Crumpler started in Melbourne, Australia, back in 1995. It was first brought to Singapore in 2002. Fast forward 20 years, they have become one of Lazada’s successful Lazmall exclusive brands today.

Crumpler was one of the handful of sellers that were part of Lazada’s pilot project in 2018 for the surprise boxes, where brands offer discounted boxes of curated products for their customers. This helped to kickstart Crumpler’s presence and continuous success on Lazada. “100 – 200 curated surprise boxes were scooped up within seconds,” Nelson said, adding that the boxes were worth $150, “sold at a fraction of the price at $29.”

With over 26,000 followers on their LazMall store, Crumpler’s move from a Marketplace seller to a LazMall seller also gave the brand additional credibility. “As a Marketplace seller, customers will always ask if we’re selling an authentic product or whether it’s the original Crumpler product,” Nelson said. These queries disappeared the moment Crumpler opened up their flagship store on LazMall.

Like every other brand, the pandemic affected Crumpler as stores were forced to close during the circuit breaker period, and customers continued to dwindle in physical stores. Many brands started finding alternatives on e-commerce, scrambling to build up their online presence. Lazada, being a trusted e-commerce platform, was one solution that Crumpler found to continue their business on, especially with the new tools and initiatives launched on the platform.

“LazLive sessions for our Brand Mega Offer, Brand Day campaigns were also newly introduced. This brought a significant increase with our sales in 2019 and saw double-digit year-on-year growth.” Not only so, Nelson credited the brand’s fans and their KAM, Leonara, who helped the brand to continue growing on the platform.

Working with Leonara allowed Crumpler to stay on track and remain competitive on the platform. “Part of my job ensures Crumpler is protected from others misusing the brand’s intellectual property. By ensuring that cases are promptly reported via Lazada’s IP protection program, we are able to take swift action in shutting down counterfeits and upholding the brand’s image” Leonara shared.

Being exclusive also comes with other perks, such as extra visibility and rebates on Lazada Marketing Solutions. Working with their KAM, Crumpler has also been an active participant in Lazada’s various mechanics such as Vote To Win, Guess It, and adopting Sponsored Solutions like Sponsor Affiliates and KOL Affiliates Program.

Always up to bring their brand closer to their customers, Crumpler also takes part in specially curated promotional mechanics by working with their KAM. Launching new products, sharing amazing promotions, and interacting with their fans on the Lazada platform are also ways the brand stays relevant and top-of-mind amongst their customers. “This has allowed the brand to grow rapidly and effectively with Lazada,” Leonara said.

By full using seller tools and the resources available on Lazada Seller Center, brands are supported in their e-commerce growth on Lazada. Reach out to your KAM to know more about the upcoming campaigns and tools that you can use to bring your brand to another peak!