Lazada Sellers! 

We hope you and your teams achieved a great sales record from the recent 11:11 one-day sale. Thanks to everyone, both sellers and buyers, this 11:11 started out great, and we hit US$11 million in sales within the first 9 minutes

Being the biggest one-day sale event of the year, the Lazada team, along with all of our Lazada Sellers and logistics partners have spent the past few months preparing for an exciting line-up of products and discounts. 

We are very impressed to know that our most enthusiastic shopper cart out a spectacular 191 items in one transaction this 11:11! 

In Lazada Singapore’s CEO, Mr Loh Wee-Lee’s words, 11:11 has “evolved into a community-celebrated event with a slew of fun and rewarding activities, from games, live-streamed content and even a virtual concert happening this evening to deliver non-stop happiness to our partners!”  

Furthermore, by the afternoon, Lazada had broken 2020’s 11:11 sales record, charting another peak for the platform. 

As the leading e-commerce platform, we are pleased to share that 1 in 5 Singapore residents have shopped on Lazada. The overwhelmingly positive results from 11:11 sales also showed that online shopping is still in high demand and consumers are optimistic about spending in this new normal. 

And before you think the gardening frenzy is a thing of the past, our 11:11 shopping festival will prove you wrong. Compared to 2020, we have seen three times growth in gardening seeds and plants sold during the one-day sale! 

Not only so, the bed linen sales this 11:11 was phenomenal! Combined, Lazada shoppers have carted out enough bed linen for all the new BTO homeowners this year. 

Constantly making sure that Lazada is supporting our sellers, we have also launched the S$1 million condominium lucky draw for this year’s 11:11, which helped to attract more consumers onto the Lazada platform, purchasing various items from our sellers. 

Our Lazada shoppers have carted out a wide variety of products on the platform, from healthcare to home and kitchen, electronics to furniture, everyday essentials to food and beverages. Nothing is off-limits for these consumers during the biggest sale of the year! 

We have also noted three categories where we spotted the strongest growth during the 11:11 shopping festival. Digital products, pet supplies, and sports & outdoors goods have seen the biggest growth in sales during the sale. We hope our Lazada Sellers in these categories have also seen healthy growth in their sales from 11:11.

And we definitely need to give a shoutout to the Lazada Sellers who sold travel bags and luggage this 11:11. 

After a sluggish two-year due to the COVID-19 pandemic, just like how the country is excited about VTLs launching, this is also reflected in Singaporeans’ 11:11 purchases this year! The number of travel bags sold during the one-day sale is enough to fill the seats of more than 6 Airbus A380 planes!  

For this year’s 11:11, Lazada also saw a 40% increase in local sellers who joined us as compared to 2020. This is only achievable thanks to all the Lazada Sellers who trusted our platform to bring sales and growth to their brands. 

Speaking to the founder of 8miles, Liang Wee Ling, who is an engineer-turned-stay-at-home-mom and now a Lazada Seller, she let on that her shop had done very well for 2021’s 9:9 and 10:10 campaigns. Sharing how Lazada helped her in launching her e-commerce store, Wee Ling attributed to Lazada’s trainer who had “introduced us to good listings and promotional tools”. To know more about what she had said about selling on Lazada, you can check out her video can be found here.

Results from our latest Lazada Digital Commerce Confidence Index had revealed that 76% of online sellers are optimistic about future growth in the lead up to shopping festival seasons. The 11:11 shopping festival had been a great opportunity for brands and sellers to speed up quickly in growth and be known to these consumers, and be ready for this upcoming year-end shopping season. 

Being the leading e-commerce partner, Lazada will continue to support brands and sellers in growing and stabilising their business. 

Thank you for your support and we hope to see you on 12.12 and our year-end festival. More information will be coming your way soon!