12.12 Grand Year-End Campaign Round-Up

Hello Sellers! We hope you achieved great sales during Lazada’s 12.12 Grand Year-End Campaign earlier this month!

What a pleasant way to end the year! We have seen a whopping 40% year on year growth in local sellers compared to the 2020’s edition. This is only achievable with everyone’s trust in Lazada! We will be sharing some achievements from our recent campaign, which can hopefully help you to plan your upcoming campaigns.

One of the things we have discovered was that Lazada buyers spent a jaw-dropping 22 times more than regular days in just 2 hours of the Campaign! This proves that consumers are all ready to spend, having prepared their carts ahead of time, and unleashing the potential for e-commerce to continue growing in Singapore.

Despite pandemic concerns, our 12.12 Grand Year-End Sale showed healthy sales for attractions across the island. Universal Studios Singapore topped the sales amongst attractions, with SEA Aquarium and Adventure Cove Waterpark trailing behind. Singaporeans are definitely ready to enjoy a little break during the December holidays!

At the same time, we are also seeing Singaporeans being cautious with their health. This is evident in Lazada buyers’ purchases, which in total, was enough Vitamin Cs to boost the immunity of residents in 40 HDB blocks! We believe that sales of vitamins and health-related products will continue soaring in the months to come as people continue to protect themselves from COVID-19.

Surprisingly, one of the many products that Singaporeans had been gearing up to purchase during the 12.12 Campaign were mobile phones!

With over 2560 rooms available at Marina Bay Sands (MBS), the campaign saw enough cellphones sold to supply all of MBS’s rooms four times over! Amongst the best selling brands for the mobile phones category, Xiaomi topped the sales, with Samsung, Oppo, Oneplus, and Vivo following closely behind.

Top Sales by Categories

We also looked into the top-selling brands by category during the Lazada 12.12 Campaign, and have come up with a comprehensive list, which hopefully aids Sellers in your future campaigns.

Over in the infant care categories, we are seeing Huggies topping sales during 12.12 in the Diapers category, and Enfagrow when it comes to Infant Nutrition!

Diapers, which are bulky and can be a chore to purchase, are a popular product on e-commerce. Huggies, Pampers, Mamypoko, Drypers, and Merries are Singapore parents’ top choices for 12.12!

Likewise, Infant Nutrition can be heavy and bulky when purchasing offline. Parents are turning to e-commerce to make their purchases, which is less hassle and can be delivered quickly to their homes. We see brands like Enfagrow, Nan, Friso, Similac, and Dumex charting the top five positions in best-selling Infant Nutrition brands this 12.12.

With the quarantine baby boom, we are sure that sales in infant-related categories will continue to soar.

Without a doubt, the COVID-19 pandemic made Singaporeans pay closer attention to their health. We are looking at Kinohimitsu topping sales for the Health category. Brand’s, Abbott, New Moon, and Cheong Kwan Jang are also seeing healthy sales in their 12.12 Campaigns, proof that Singaporeans continue to take better care of themselves in the pandemic.

In the Grocery category, we are seeing Singaporeans willing to spend on premium quality teas and coffees. The homegrown brand for artisanal tea, TWG, leads the sales in Grocery, with Bacha and Starbucks at Home in second and third place respectively. Familiar brand Milo trails in fourth place, while Tiger beer takes home the fifth spot for bestselling brands in this category.

With the pandemic looming for the second year straight, it is a no brainer that the Home & Living category sees buyers focusing on quality products that can aid them in cultivating a more comfortable and enjoyable time at home.

Osim reign #1 in this category with their trusty electrical products that promote well-being and wellness, and the three other brands, Jean Perry, Epitex, and Akemi, focus on bringing the best home linen and bedding accessories for their customers. Rigel, which is the third best-selling brand in the Home & Living category, is Lazada buyers’ go-to brand for smart sanitary solutions.

Likewise, many also looked to upgrade their home appliances during the 12.12 Campaign, be it to level up their home entertainment during the pandemic or to get better devices for their work-from-home situations.

Over in the Large Appliances & TV category, Prism+ defeats all the other brands and ranked top in sales during the 12.12 Campaign. Familiar brands, Samsung, Xiaomi, LG, and Panasonic, trailing closely behind.

For Small Appliances, we have Dyson leading the pack as the top-selling brand, and Philips, Roborock, Airbot, and Braun ranking after Dyson respectively.

In the Audio category, we see Sonos being the chosen audio brand amongst Lazada shoppers. Premium audio brands Bose and Marshall are the second and fifth best-selling in the list, with Sony and JBL taking the third and fourth spots respectively.

Not neglecting Personal Care and Skincare during the pandemic, Lazada’s 12.12 Campaign saw Aveda and Estée Lauder topping sales in the two categories respectively. Coincidentally, American cosmetic brand Aveda is owned by the Estée Lauder Companies!

Other top-selling brands in the Personal Care category includes Aesop, Kérastase, Colgate, and Oral-B. Over in the Skincare category, Korean brands dominated sales, with the second to fifth best-selling brands being Laneige, Sulwhasoo, SK-II, and Innisfree.

Last but not least, other fashion and clothing categories continue to see a boom in sales, with Timberland taking the lead in Fashion and Nike for Sportswear.

Luxury brand Coach takes the second spot in the Fashion category’s best-selling brands, with Levi’s, Pandora, and Vans taking the third to fifth ranks. Familiar sportswear brands Adidas, Under Armour, Skechers, and Asics trail behind Nike, taking up the second to fifth spots respectively in the Sportswear category.

Congratulations to all our brand partners who won the hearts of Singaporean consumers and landed in the top spots of these categories! We hope this 12.12 Grand Year-End Campaign round-up will be a helpful insight for Lazada Sellers, especially in the spending and purchasing habits of fellow Singaporeans.

Lazada would like to wish everyone Happy Holidays, and see you in 2022!