Hey Sellers! Today we bring you more information about Lazada Sponsored Solutions and give you important tips on how to maximise sales and traffic during the biggest sales of the year!

Lazada Sponsored Solutions has helped many brands/sellers to achieve up to 26x more revenue and up to 10x ROI during the sales period. With our advance artificial intelligence and automation, Lazada Sponsored Discovery is able to target the right shoppers who are most likely to visit and/or purchase your products. Start using Sponsored Discovery to increase your visibility on Lazada in-app search and recommendation placements now.

Set up a budget to get at least 200 clicks per day. (Average CPC x 200 clicks)

Start promoting with Sponsored Discovery campaign by setting the daily budget with at least $20 – $50 a day.

Turn on auto creatives for your products.

Select as many products as possible.

Remember the 3As to Epically Ace your sales!

Auto Campaign: +1.3X ROI vs Standard Campaign

Auto Product Selection: +40% GMV vs Manual Product Selection

Auto Top Up: up to +25% traffic & +35% sales vs Manual Top Up

If you have submitted your campaign products, do look out for our MEGA Sales Accelerator Announcements. Check out the Mega Sales Accelerator’s benefits and tap onto Mega Sales Accelerator to promote your campaign products with the best practices in just one click!