Sponsored Solutions Newsletter – August 2022

Find out what’s new this August!

New Product Launcher

Accelerate Growth with 3 exclusive Campaign modes that drive up to 80% more clicks, more traffic and sales to your new products!

This NEW solution is only available only upon request.

If you don’t see it in your account, get in touch to be whitelisted!

First Search Slot (FSS)

Sellers can now compete for their product to be in the top slot, and stand to gain up to 2X traffic, 6X sales uplift and an average of 9X ROI. To increase your chances of appearing on this slot, use our overbid feature (available within Sponsored Discovery Standard Campaign set up).

How to overbid?

Simply adjust your bids to increase your chances of your product competing for the top slot!

Set Up On The Go!

Manage your campaigns on the go now when you download the Lazada Seller Center app on your mobile phone.

To optimize your campaigns, turn on Auto Top Up to view personalized campaign budget recommendations by the Lazada algorithm.

Our Homepage got an Update!

The latest updates:

  1. Rotating banners on latest solutions & features.
  2. Complete challenges & win incentives!
  3. Discover solutions that will help you achieve your traffic and sales goals.
  4. Sellers with active campaigns will be able to view their campaign performance and insights here.
  5. Master Sponsored Solutions on Lazada University.