Hey Sellers! Thank you for joining us for the Lazada Birthday Conference 2023! We are doing a post-conference recap in this post to go through the important information we shared, along with key dates to note for the upcoming Epic 11th Birthday Sale. You can also catch our replay on Lazada University & Seller Facebook Group!

To kick off the conference, Lazada Singapore’s Chief Executive Officer, Mr Loh Wee Lee, gave an opening speech, sharing that Singapore’s online sales consumption continues to grow even post-reopening. Confident about the e-commerce scene in Singapore, Mr Loh noted that the online channel capability is essential for an omnichannel strategy.

During his opening address, Mr Loh also shared that through Lazada’s internal study, the key purchasing drivers for online consumers in 2022 are Free Shipping, Vouchers & Discounts, and the Availability of Reviews. Being at the forefront of Singapore’s e-commerce scene, Lazada already has these mechanisms in place, ready to aid our sellers in reaching new milestones for their e-commerce stores.

To promote the platform further, Lazada Singapore also held many collaborative events such as Lazada x Comic Con and GG Playfest, along with signing MOU with key industry players such as NEA and SingPost.

Lazada Singapore is also committed to investing in initiatives that will further the platform’s competitiveness. With more than 3.1 million monthly active users, Lazada will continue to build on upcoming consumer trends to aid our sellers in being ahead of the competition.

Epic 11th Birthday Sale

Lazada’s Mega Campaigns have always smashed previous records, with the 10th Birthday Sale selling 10,000 items within the first two minutes, 9.9 Mega Campaign seeing S$999,000 in sales within the first four minutes, and 11.11 Mega campaign hitting S$11 million in 15 minutes.

Lazada will have exciting deals for mechanics like Flash Sale, Upsized Cashback, Epic Lazzie Star, Coins & Rewards and many more. Shoppers will be treated to more Lazada Bonus, Stackable Promotions, and more attractive deals!

Lazada will be going all-out on promotions across Singapore, making sure we remain top-of-mind for consumers who are ready to shop.

Mark Your Dates

You can also check out more information on the Birthday Mega Sales post! Additionally, you can easily join the Epic 11th Birthday Sale via your Seller Center, or reach out to your Key Account Manager (KAM) for more details!

Making The Difference with Seller Programs

During the Lazada Birthday Conference 2023, our Head of Marketplace Growth, Tan Hui Wen, also shared a few key changes in the seller programs.

Addressing sellers’ concerns about the different programmes and promotions available on the platform, we also announced the Seller Programme All-in-One!

Visit Lazada University to find out more! Further details coming up soon so do keep a lookout.

Simply scan the QR code to know more and sign up today!

Affiliates and Traffic Initiatives

Joel Aw, Head of User Operations and Initiatives, shared the Seller Affiliates Program during Conference. This is an external traffic program where Lazada rewards sellers for traffic from your social media audience or any external audience. Sellers will earn a cash rebate whenever your traffic generates a sale from your own or others’ stores.

The Seller Affiliates Program is free to join and can be used on any social media platform. With the links never expiring, it can be a form of passive income for sellers, allowing you to earn cash rebates of up to 10%, and even up to 22% during campaigns.

Award Ceremony

During the Lazada Birthday Conference 2023, we also handed out some awards to our esteemed sellers. Congratulations to all the sellers who have surpassed 30,000, 50,000, and 100,000 followers on their Lazada store!

Leveraging Lazada’s Sponsored Solutions

Sharing how to leverage Lazada’s Sponsored Solutions, Head of Marketing Solutions, Michelle Teo, let on the various methods sellers can use to drive traffic and sales to their Lazada store.

Based on Lazada’s data, sellers using Sponsored Solutions see 48% more sales than the sellers who do not utilise this mechanism. Feel free to reach out to your Key Account Manager (KAM) for more details!

Exclusive Lazada Merchandise!

Last but not least, we had exclusive Lazada Merchandise to give away to all our offline guests! Spot the tiny Lazion among the crowd. Visit Seller Facebook Page for a chance to win our exclusive merch!

Campaign deals submissions are now open till 23 February 2023, 2359h.

Visit 11th Birthday One-Stop Page for more information about the mega campaign!