Do you know running out of budget or balance may cause you to miss out on your sales & traffic opportunities?

When you set the low daily budget for your Sponsored Discovery campaign, the campaign will be paused during the mid-day. This will affect your sales & traffic of your store as your products might not be able to show up on the top placements when the shoppers are looking for them. You might even lose out on your sales to the competitors! To avoid getting into this kind of situation, set a healthy daily budget that can last the whole day. Always remember, shoppers are shopping throughout the whole day during the sales period!

How do you check if your daily budget for your campaigns are healthy?

  1. Look out for the following indications in the seller center!
  2. Remember to check your wallet balance to ensure you have a healthy amount to support your campaigns.

What should you do if you are facing the issue above?

Sellers who are eligible for the Auto Top-Up Quota can activate Quota Solutions to support your campaigns’ budget.

Always be mindful about – Daily budget for each campaigns & your wallet balance to support all your campaigns budgets.

Start topping up now & get ready to increase your product visibility with Lazada’s Sponsored Discovery!