Sponsored Solutions Newsletter – September 2022

Find out what’s new this September!

Here’s a monthly snapshot of the latest updates & features.

Introducing Sponsored Media

Reach, engage, and drive high-intent shoppers across Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, and Audience Network to your Lazada store with a simple setup.

  • Simple, integrated way to manage campaigns for your Lazada store

Manage, optimize, view, and promote your Lazada store across Facebook, right within Seller Center that you are familiar with! Sellers have driven up to 18% additional GMV using this integrated solution.

  • Reach more shoppers across top social media apps in a personalized manner

Shoppers spend 3.5 hours daily on Social Media platforms, and over 84% use Instagram and Facebook everyday. 63% of Mega sale shoppers use social media to discover new products.

  • Drive more impact within 5 minutes

Set up in 5 minutes after onboarding and automatically optimize your campaigns to drive add-to-carts & purchases, buy targeting Lazada audiences across the Meta ecosystem of apps & websites.

Get in touch with us to be Whitelisted for this Sponsored Media!

Find out more about Sponsored Media here: https://sellercenter.lazada.sg/seller/helpcenter/sponsored-media-faq-15064.html?

How to run Auto-Top Up most effectively

Sponsored Discovery Top Tip: To capture all potential traffic & sales, keep both Auto Top Up options (Options 1 & 2) in your Sponsored Solutions wallet settings switched on.

Here’s how to ensure your campaigns do not run out of budget & pause when traffic & sales are at their highest!

  1. Enable Auto Top-up feature
  2. Select Option 1: Auto Top-Up based on credit balance threshold
  3. Select Option 2: Auto Top-Up based on weekly schedule

Tip: Select ‘Sunday’ to ensure that you have sufficient store earnings balance.