Be Ready for 9.9 Brands & Beyond Sales

Hey Sellers! Are you ready for Lazada’s upcoming Mega Campaign – 9.9 Brands & Beyond Sale? Today, we will be sharing a plethora of information for the campaign and tips on how to take your sales to the next level!

Timeline and Eligibility

For sellers who want to achieve your sales targets, the campaign submission for 9.9 has already started!

From now to 3 Sept 2359h, you can log in to your Seller Center to join the campaign. For those who want to register for Campaign Mechanics, which includes Flash Sales, Cashback, and more, you can do so before campaign submission closes.

Teasing of 9.9 Brands & Beyond Sale begins on 4 Sept, and the event is live on 9 Sept.

Platform-wide Mechanics & Engagement Tools

To support our incredible sellers, Lazada is also going all-out in mechanics and engagement tools this 9.9!

Storewide Flash Sales

Sellers get to enjoy extra visibility with Homepage Banners, along with the Search & Just for You sections. This helps capture guided and demand-based shopping, increasing your conversion.

Surprise Boxes

Nine timeslots will be available for Surprise Boxes, and sellers will be able to increase your visibility via your listings on the Flash Sales channel. Be ready for the increased sales with our Dedicated Surprise Boxes landing page that users will definitely flock to for the best deals during the 9.9 Brands & Beyond Sale.

Lazcoins & Rewards

Free Shipping Max

Attain maximum visibility and increase your sales at a controlled cost with Lazada’s Free Shipping Max program!

An ongoing program, Lazada puts in top-level resources with a dedicated channel, featured banners, and marketing targeted at platform users to support our sellers in achieving your maximum conversion.

Everyday Cashback

An advantageous program for both sellers and buyers, the Everyday Cashback program brings enhanced visibility for sellers, differentiating your store from others in the Search and Just for You sections which helps in increasing organic search results. At a low commission rate of just 2.5%, it is also capped at $3 per order.

For buyers, they will get to enjoy 50% cashback on purchasing eligible products, capped at $5 per order. This helps them save more as they purchase from your store, encouraging repeat and higher value purchases.


For the 9.9 Campaign, we will be carrying out a series of LazLive+ on 31 Aug, 3 Sept, 5 Sept, and 7 Sept. The schedule will be as followed:

For more information about the engagement tools and mechanics that you can use for the 9.9 Brands & Beyond Sale, please approach your respective Key Account Manager (KAM).

Lazada Bonus & Flexi Combos

To be a part of our 9.9 Brands & Beyond Sale, it is mandatory for participating sellers to take part in Lazada Bonus. It will be 50-50 co-funding, and buyers will be able to collect the Lazada Bonus from 4 to 9 Sept before redeeming them on 9 Sept itself. The Lazada Bonus will be redeemable in two tiers as followed:

Check out the information we have prepared for the Lazada Bonus Walkthrough for 9.9!

Sellers can also take part in the Flexi Combo campaigns, which include dedicated landing pages for buyers to check out the best 9.9 deals.

Information can be found in your Seller Center or via the links as followed: Buy 2, Get 50% Flexi Combo and Buy 2, Get 9% or Free Gift Flexi Combo.

Sellers can also join the $9 / 9% Seller Campaign Vouchers. Selected $9 or 9% vouchers will help sellers gain additional visibility and traffic on campaign days! These vouchers also give higher customer value and potentially, more sales!

Seller Engagement Updates

To aid sellers in your navigation for this 9.9 Campaign, we carried out a Livestream for sellers on 15 Aug. For those who had missed it, fret not as a replay is now available on Lazada University!

Not only so, but we have also prepared a submission contest for sellers who are participating in the 9.9 campaign. With prizes such as the Nintendo Switch Lite, Apple Airpods, Crumpler Backpack, and vouchers to be won, remember to join the contest on our Facebook before 3 Sept, 23:59!

Happy Selling and we hope to see our sellers for this 9.9 Brands & Beyond Mega Sale!