Highlights of 11.11 Our Biggest Sale Of The Year 2023

Hey Sellers! We hope you have a smashing 11.11 Our Biggest Sale Of The Year 2023!

In just the first hour of Lazada’s 11.11 Biggest Sale of the Year, we’ve witnessed a 63X sales uplift across Southeast Asia compared to regular days! Shoutout to our incredible brands and sellers for making this fantastic start possible. Curious about what our savvy shoppers are snatching up in just 11 minutes? The hottest sought-after categories and products will be revealed in this post!

During Lazada 11.11 Biggest Sale of the Year, AI played a pivotal role in bringing brands, sellers, and consumers closer together.

  • Our revolutionary AI AI-generated content (AIGC) transformed the game to help sellers and brands market themselves.
  • Our Skin Test technology guided beauty buffs to informed choices via relevant product recommendations for their unique skin needs.
  • Our image search function allowed consumers to effortlessly find what they’re looking for on Lazada and Add to Cart!


We are excited to bring you this round-up consisting of best-selling brands from our various categories!


Over in the Beauty categories, we have Makeup, Personal Care, and Skincare.

MAC, Bobbi Brown, And Shu Uemura led in the sales for Makeup during the 11.11 Mega Campaign. These well-known international makeup brands have all established their Flagship stores on Lazada, allowing them to reach out to their customers more easily and quickly via the platform.

The bestselling brands for Personal Care are Aveda, L’Occitane, And Colgate. Offering a comprehensive Personal Care catalogue in their Lazada Flagship stores, these brands could fulfil all their customers’ needs with a simple and easy click on Lazada.

Over in the Skincare category, it’s Estee Lauder, Sulwhasoo, and SK-II taking the lead. These brands offer members’ discounts and bundled deals for their customers, giving more incentives for shoppers to purchase from them on Lazada.

Shoppers could also shop with peace of mind with LazMall providing a curated selection of leading international and local brands, from reputable retailers and resellers. Shopping on LazMall is the highest-quality online shopping experience you can get – just like shopping from your favourite department store and online brands all in one place.


Lazada shoppers love to purchase various electronics on the platform, knowing that they get the best deals here.

Sonos, Bose, and Sony topped the Audio category in best-selling brands for 11.11. Lazada shoppers are familiar with these brands, with all three being well-loved international brands, lauded for their audio supremacy.

In the Computer & Laptop spectrum, we have Acer, Lenovo, and HP topping the category with their trusted devices. Exclusive prices are given to their customers on Lazada, giving their computers and laptops a competitive edge against other brands.

We have UGreen, Logitech, and Anker commanding the Electronic Accessories category for this mega campaign. Known for their phone accessories, computer accessories, and portable batteries respectively, these brands offer hard-to-beat prices and service to their Lazada customers, each supporting different needs.

When we look at Large Appliances, Panasonic, LG, and Bosch are the top three best-selling brands in Singapore. Convenience is one of the biggest factors considered when purchasing large appliances, and that consists of the ease of product comparison, purchasing procedures, and product delivery. These brands made sure their customers could purchase what they needed with ease on Lazada, along with a money-saving Free Shipping service for the large appliances they purchased.

For the Television & Video category, we have Prismplus, TCL, and Samsung topping the list. These reliable brands are what Singaporeans turn to whenever they need to purchase monitors and televisions. Similar to Large Appliances, these brands offer Free Delivery for their products, making it a no-brainer for their customers to shop in their Lazada stores.

SharkNinja, Philips Home Appliances, and Tokit are the best-sellers in the Small Kitchen Appliances category. These Flagship stores offer a wide range of products for their customers on Lazada, along with enticing exclusive 11.11 discounts, making them the prime choice for small kitchen appliances.

Roborock, Dyson, and Dreame are Singaporeans’ favourites this 11.11 for vacuum cleaners. With more Singaporeans having robot vacuum cleaners at home as it helps to save time and energy in keeping the house clean, it is a no-brainer that these brands are the go-to for them this 11.11. However, handheld vacuum cleaners remain highly sought-after, and these brands have their own answers to the needs of this group of customers.

Meanwhile, in the Personal Care Appliances category, we see Dyson, Braun, and Philips Personal Care leading the pack. Not only do these brands offer competitive prices for their products, them taking part in the 11.11 Mega Campaign also brings more discounts and stackable vouchers & Lazada Bonus for their customers to use during the campaign period.


We are seeing American Tourister, Samsonite, and Timberland being the top picks for Singaporeans this 11:11. These brands have also previously topped the 9.9 mega campaign Fashion category and the reasons for their success have to be durable and reliable products, ease of purchase on Lazada, and competitive prices!

Over in the Sportswear category, we have famous international brands Nike, Lululemon, and Skechers being the best-sellers. From shoes to clothes to accessories, these brands carry everything you will need for exercising while making it convenient for their shoppers on Lazada.


It is unsurprising that parents will stock up on milk powders and diapers during 11.11 when they can snag the biggest deals on Lazada.

Nestle Nan, Enfagrow,and Similac are the leading brands for Infant Nutrient during this mega campaign while Huggies, Rascal+Friends, and Mamypoko are the go-to brands for Diapers this 11.11.

Not only do these brands offer enticing discounts for their customers during 11.11, they also utilise the various mechanics that Lazada offers including follower vouchers, exclusive launches and more.


In the Groceries category, the best-sellers are Carlsberg, Nestle, and TWG. With the holiday season approaching, it’s no surprise that shoppers are stocking up on various drinks, alcohol, along with giftable teas, especially at a steal during 11.11!

Kinohimitsu, Ensure, and Brand’s are the top-selling brands in the Health category. These trusty brands always strive to provide the best deals for their Lazada customers, especially during mega campaigns such as 11.11 Our Biggest Sale Of The Year 2023.


Cleaning supplies, new bedding, office chairs and desks, or even a change of your toilet and sink, what better time than 11.11 to purchase all these and get ready for a brand-new year?

Over in Household Supplies, we have Walch, Dettol, and RB Home as best-sellers, while Rigel, Grohe, and Kohler are the top three for the Bathroom category.

Utilising various campaign mechanics such as Flash Sales, Free Shipping, and Cashback, these brands were able to reach out to their customers on Lazada and entice them with these offers. Not only so, but they are always very responsive to any enquires from potential buyers, clearing doubts to enable purchase.

In Bedding & Bath, we see Epitex, Horgen, and Jean Perry being a hit with Singapore shoppers. Last but not least, in the Home & Living spectrum, we have Metro, Muji, and Ergotune being the top three best-sellers in their category.

Metro and Muji are brands with huge offline presence, and their Lazada Flagship store opens another market for them online. Being on Lazada allows Epitex, Horgen, Jean Perry, and Ergotune to reach out to their customer base directly, offering exclusives and discounts that keep them a loyal customer to the brand.

We hope this round-up has been insightful for you, and that you will have a better preparation for the next mega campaign! Happy Selling!