Hey Sellers! Are you ready to supercharge your mid-year with Lazada’s 6.6 Super Wow Sale? We will share all the ins and outs of this mega campaign to get you and your store ready for the festivities!

The teasing period for the campaign will take place from 1 – 5 June. During the 6 – 8 June campaign, we are looking at jaw-dropping stats of up to 60X uplift in sales, 35X in Traffic and 50X in buyers!

What to expect for 6.6

Here at Lazada, we are massively promoting the upcoming 6.6 campaign on social media, doing digital takeovers, and constant LazLive shows to make sure platform users are well aware of the 6.6 sale.

We also have exciting deals for hero mechanics like Storewide Flash Sales and Surprise Boxes, along with Upsized Cashback, Lazada Bonus ($12 off $150 | %15 off$250), Free Shipping Max, and more, ready for the 6.6 Super Wow Sale. Check out Seller Program All-In-One to enjoy greater value with package rates on Seller Programs, Lazada Bonus and more!

You can easily join the 6.6 Super Wow Sale via your Seller Center, or reach out to your Key Account Manager (KAM) for more details!

Tools to Support Your Campaign

As usual, Lazada has a plethora of tools and programs to support you during this mega campaign, ranging from Lazada Bonus, Everyday Cashback, to Free Shipping Max, Sponsored Solutions, and more. Make the most out of these seller tools to reap the most sales in your store during the mega campaign!

Lazada Bonus encourages basket building with up to 2x uplift during campaign days, Everyday Cashback has seen more than a 100% increase in units sold, Free Shipping Max boosts more than a 90% increase in orders, and Seller Vouchers had helped fellow sellers drive buyer conversion and average order value.

We will also be pushing Flexi Combo, which sees up to 10x uplift in sales for the products involved, Surprise Boxes, which enjoys up to 10x uplift in sales, and LazFlash, which has a whooping 46x uplift in sales during campaign days.

You can also make use of other mechanics such as Presale, Crazy Deal, Everyday Low Price $4.99, Lazada Affiliates, and Seller Affiliates Program to boost your earnings. For more details, check out your Seller Centre or reach out to your KAM.

Increasing Customer Engagement

To make sure our sellers have the best outreach tools available, Lazada has also a few tricks up our sleeves.

First up, Lazada’s Customer Engagement Management (CEM) is a tool that allows exclusive sellers to send mass messages to target different customer segments. Sellers can accurately target their potential markets, and reward their followers accordingly. Know more about the service and your shop’s eligibility by checking with your KAM.

Another tool is the Message Intelligent Sending (MIS), which is an automated message sending system that allows sellers to engage different customer groups at their preferred date and time. MIS sends CEM message at best timings with attractive content to increase conversion. You have to be eligible for CEM and be at a seller level of four and above to gain access to MIS.

Campaign Submission Contest

Take part in the 6.6 Campaign Submission Contest today and win yourself some amazing prizes including Apple Airpods Pro, Lazada x Sudio True Wireless Earbuds, and vouchers!


Remember to check out our 6.6 Super Wow Sale kick-off livestream and hop over to the 6.6 One-Stop Page for the campaign for more details!