Highlights of 9.9 Mega Brands Sale

Hey Sellers! We hope you have a superb 9.9 Mega Brands Sale earlier this month. We are excited to bring you this round-up and hopefully, it will be helpful for you and your store in the up-and-coming year-end mega campaigns!

Do you know that we had a shopper on 9.9 spending a whooping FIVE hours on the Lazada app? We wonder how much they checked out from your stores and how much more savings they had!

We have avid shoppers waiting with lots of products in their carts for this mega campaign to kick off when the clock strikes 12 on the 9th. Amongst the hottest products sold in the first 24 hours of the 9.9 Mega Brands Sale, vacuum cleaners top the must-buy list in Singapore! Be it robot vacuum cleaners or the handheld type, we are sure they will be handy during the next spring cleaning.

Lazada’s Best-Selling Brands

We will now look into the top-selling brands by category during the 9.9 Mega Brands Sale. Hopefully, this will give you an insight into the things that shoppers look out for during these mega campaigns.

Sonos tops the Audio category in best-selling brands. Be spoilt for choice by the audio brand’s wide range of speakers for various use at affordable price points.

Logitech is Lazada shoppers’ favourite Electronic Accessories brand during this Mega Brands Sale. The familiar electronic brand has everything you will need, from mouse and keyboards to security cameras and tablet covers.

When it comes to mobile and tablet choices, no one beats Samsung for Lazada shoppers. Offering exclusive discounts on our platform, Samsung’s latest phones and tablets such as ZFlip 5 are easily available for our shoppers to purchase.

Best known for their long-lasting vacuum cleaners and innovative hair dryers, Dyson takes home the top brand for Small Appliances this 9.9. A well-loved brand on Lazada amongst the platform’s shoppers, it is no wonder that vacuum cleaners are the top-selling products in Singapore during this mega campaign.

Samsung is, once again, the top pick for Lazada shoppers, this time in the Large Appliances category while Prism+ takes home the crown in Television & Video.

Singaporeans trust Samsung to offer both value for money and reliability with their excellence in appliances such as fridges and washing machines. Prism+, a well-loved Singapore brand, is the go-to for Singaporeans seeking quality monitors and monitor arms without breaking the bank.

With travel picking up pace after COVID-19’s lockdown, American Tourister takes home the Fashion category during the 9.9 Mega Brands Sale. Offering durable and fashionable luggage bags, suitcases, and everyday backpacks, it is no wonder that Singaporeans adore this brand!

We are not surprised to see the popular Sportswear brand Nike topping the best-selling sportswear for the 9.9 sales. From sports shoes to clothes and accessories, Nike carries everything you will need for exercising and more while making it convenient for their shoppers with their e-commerce store on Lazada.

Over in the Skincare category, Singaporeans picked Laneige as the must-buy skincare brand. With more than 25 years of research and forward-thinking on skincare, Laneige has built its expertise through unrivalled research in the skin’s fundamental mechanics of moisture.

Kinohimitsu tops the best-selling brand in the Health category for 9.9 Mega Brands Sale. Offering discounted health products on Lazada, the brand is a trusted and popular brand on Lazada, with over 109,000 fans following their flagship store on the platform!

In Home & Living, Metro is the best-selling brand for the 9.9 Mega Brands Sale. Offering everything from bedding to dining ware, kitchen appliances to vitamins, Metro is a one-stop store for many shoppers.

Last but not least, we know that parents love shopping during Lazada’s mega campaigns as these are great times for them to cart out infant-related goods at a discounted price. Nestle NAN tops the sales chart in the Infant Nutrient list while Huggies is the best-selling brand amongst the Diapers brands on Lazada.

Nan Infant Nutrition products provide children with the right nutritional supplements and the brand offers a variety of nutritional products to help your child grow. A trusted brand of diapers, Huggies offers various vouchers for their Lazada shoppers, along with exclusive offers for those who follow their e-commerce shop.

We hope you have gained an insight into what Lazada shoppers are looking for and it helps for your future campaigns! Happy Shopping!