Lazada Seller Stories – Prestigio Delights’ Success

“Prestigio Delights is a grocery seller that finds food products that are unique and trendy to the local market,” Alan shared. Being the co-founder of Prestigio Delights, a grocery store on LazMall for the past three years, Alan has a lot of experience on the Lazada platform when it comes to selling and promoting his business. We sat down with him to know more about his company’s journey into e-commerce, how the brand sets itself apart from competitors, and how the pandemic had changed his plans.

Knowing someone in Malaysia that sells Heong Piah, a popular type of pastries that contain a sweet sticky filling made from malt and shallots, Prestigio Delights went through a series of restructuring which then kicked off their food journey. Having determined the brand’s best way forward, Prestigio Delights took the leap of faith and went into a full-fledged grocery model.

“Prestigio Delights have the vision to bring all kinds of unique items from all over the world and provide access to these items to the consumers themselves. With the unique clientele that we have and providing (excellent) customer experience, this is what differentiates Prestigio Delights from the rest of our competitors.”

True to their vision, the brand has brought into Singapore various food items that had created a craze across the island. This includes the highly sought after Himalayan Salt Candy and a variety of Hai Di Lao hot pot soup bases.

The unexpected COVID-19 pandemic had also caused a shift in the business model for Alan’s grocery e-store. Physical stores retailers moved online and were trying to “get a slice of the pie” in the e-commerce sector. For a seasoned e-commerce business like Prestigio Delights, Alan then turned to the many marketing tools on Lazada to aid his business during these challenging times.

In Alan’s own words, choosing to sell on Lazada is a “no-brainer as Lazada is one of the leading e-commerce platforms in Singapore.”

With Lazada’s assortment of in-app marketing solutions such as sponsored ads and seller picks, it supported Alan’s business as his brand moved from being unknown to a well-known brand in the industry. Indeed, with over 9,800 followers for his grocery e-store on Lazada, Prestigio Delights is thriving in e-commerce.

“Lazada in-app solution definitely provide a cheaper alternative compared to traditional marketing. As a LazMall seller, we get access to exclusive content and traffic like Brand Mega Offer and livestreams, where we get content that we can bring to the consumers. We are definitely getting more traffic as compared to a marketplace model.”

Always on the lookout for the latest trends in the industry to harness the most out of his marketing dollars, Alan shared that LazLive, which is “a livestream opportunity for sellers like us where we can showcase our products to the consumers,” is something that his brand is actively using and keeping an eye out on.

“We have seen a 300% in sales (with LazLive) as compared to our normal days. I think everyone should give it a try!”

With one of the highest traffic for e-commerce platforms in Singapore, Lazada provides an end-to-end solution for customers, making it convenient for them to get anything that they need, and even more convenient for Sellers.

“By participating in more campaigns, it actually gives us more visibility and more sales,” Alan said. One of the brand’s biggest successes was Lazada’s 8.8 campaign that focused on local brands. Prestigio Delights, being one brand that was in the spotlight, helped the store gain sales and attention from both new and regular customers.

Alan also shared that Prestigio Delights business strategy lies in their focus on growing the assortment range that they carry instead of “a main product as sales driver.” Throughout the years, the brand prides itself on its superb overall store experience and attentive customer service. However, with the e-commerce scene ever-changing, he let on that despite being a seasoned Lazada Seller, navigating the landscape is always a challenge.

“E-commerce is always faster than we think. So, I’m glad that there is something called Lazada University to actually teach new sellers or existing sellers on all the new tools that are coming up so that we can constantly refresh ourselves with all the new tools available.”

When asked about tips he can share with new Lazada Sellers, Alan emphasized the importance of using Lazada University to “tidy up your technical skills”, on top of deciding what type of business model and industry they should focus on before embarking on their e-commerce journey.

Your journey in creating a successful e-commerce business does not have to be lonely.

“You can join our Lazada Facebook social media group where you can learn and interact with existing sellers,” Alan concluded.