Highlights of the 6.6 Super Wow Sale

Hey Sellers! We hope you had a splendid time during the 6.6 Super Wow Sale earlier this month. We are excited to bring you this round-up and hopefully, will be helpful for you and your store in the next mega campaign!

With the teasing that happened days before the 6.6 Super Wow Sale, the campaign was definitely on Lazada’s users’ minds! We have recorded a whopping 50 times more sales in the first six minutes on 6.6 as compared to a regular day!

One of our prime mechanics for promotion for 6.6 Super Wow Sale is our very own LazLive! With consistent broadcast and high viewership, Lazada was able to help our sellers bring their products across to their potential customers, converting viewership into actual sales. Flavoured milk, beer, and deodorants are the most carted-out products during the 6.6-related LazLive broadcasts.

Another popular marketing mechanic on Lazada is our LazFlash deals, which are very loved by Lazada users. What we discovered during the mega campaign is how different every country’s shoppers are, in terms of what they consider a must-buy during the LazFlash deals. Nasi Lemak food vouchers captured the hearts of Singapore shoppers.

Fast delivery is something that Lazada sellers strive hard to provide, knowing that some of their shoppers need the goods quickly. The fastest delivery for Singapore was a Dry-Fit Training T-Shirt! Providing locals with necessities to train for Lazada Run happening on the 23 July 2023!

Lazada’s Best-Selling Brands

We will now look into the top-selling brands by category during the 6.6 Super Wow Sale, and we hope this will aid sellers in your future campaigns.

Over in Groceries, Walch took home the top spot for the 6.6 Super Wow Sale. The well-known household supplies brand is definitely a go-to for households looking for personal care and household essentials products.

Ensure is the top-selling brand in the Health category. The brand offers a range of complete, balanced milk-related nutrition products for active adults.

The best-selling brand in Home & Living is Hinomi, which specialises in various types of computer and gaming chairs and tables.

Over the years, we have discovered that parents love shopping during Lazada’s mega campaigns as these are great times for them to cart out infant-related goods such as baby milk powder and diapers. Likewise, for the 6.6 Super Wow Sale, we have seen a fair amount of sales generated in these categories.

Nan tops the sales chart in the Infant Nutrient list while Huggies is the best-selling brand amongst the Diapers brands on Lazada.

Nan Infant Nutrition products provide children with the right nutritional supplements and the brand offers a variety of nutritional products to help your child grow in the right way. A trusted brand of diapers amongst Singapore families, Huggies offers various vouchers and discounts for their Lazada shoppers, along with deals and exclusive offers for those who follow their e-commerce shop.

American Tourister, Nike, and Sulwhasoo are the best-selling brands for the 6.6 Super Wow Sale in Fashion, Sportswear, and Skincare categories respectively.

With travel picking up pace after COVID-19’s lockdown, American Tourister pieces of luggage continue to be people’s favourite pick for a vacation as their bags are of superior quality.

We are not surprised to see Nike topping the best-selling sportswear for the 6.6 sales. From shoes to clothes and accessories, Nike carries everything you will need while making it convenient for their shoppers with their e-commerce store on Lazada.

Sulwhasoo, a prestigious Korean beauty and skincare brand, is well-loved by shoppers in the region. Their flagship store on Lazada also offers discounts and membership for shoppers, making it a steal to purchase on their e-commerce store.

Sonos takes home the crown for the Audio category in best-selling brands. The audio brand offers a wide range of speakers for various use at affordable price points.

Lazada shoppers picked Logitech as their favourite Electronic Accessories brand during this 6.6 Super Wow Sale. Logitech has everything you will need from mouse and keyboards to security cameras and tablet covers.

Xiaomi tops the best-selling brands list for the Mobile category, while Dyson achieved the highest sales during 6.6 campaign in the small Appliances category.

Best known for their long-lasting vacuum cleaners and innovative hair dryers, Dyson is a well-loved brand on Lazada amongst the platform’s shoppers. Xiaomi’s phones, including their RedMi Note 12 Series and Xiaomi 13, are offered at a discount on our platform, making it a popular brand amongst our shoppers during the campaign.

Last but not least, we look at the Television & Video and Large Appliances categories for the 6.6 Super Wow Sale, which has PRISM+ and Panasonic topping the best-selling brands respectively.

Prism+ is a well-loved Singapore brand for shoppers seeking quality monitors and monitor arms without breaking the bank. Panasonic offers a wide range of home appliances and personal appliances including fridges, aircon, washing machines, and more.

We hope this round-up will be helpful for our sellers in your future campaigns. We are very thankful to the brands that trusted Lazada in aiding you in your e-commerce outreach and sales. Happy Selling!