Don’t Miss This Opportunity To Grow Even More Traffic and Sales with Lazada Sponsored Solutions This 11.11

Lazada Sponsored Solutions is one of the best ways to leverage on to market your products and get right in front of your shoppers’ eyes.  

With Lazada Sponsored Solutions’ suite of powerful tools, you can promote your products both in-app and on-site to potential shoppers and increase sales and traffic to your store this year-end. There are a few solutions that cater to your business objectives, so do take full advantage of our SMART algorithm with robust historical data to grow your business with us.

Here are some tips for you if you are new to Sponsored Solutions!

Start with Sponsored Discovery to promote your products in-app and reach your potential shoppers externally with Sponsored Affiliates.

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Promote these products, to boost your opportunities and to bring in better sales.

It is recommended to select your best-selling products, competitively priced products, and promotional items to attract high – intent shoppers to your store.

Physical store owners usually place their best products on display to attract their customers to grab the passer-by’s attention. The logic similarly applies online where you can beat your competitors by promoting and displaying your best seller or promotional items. Secure first impressions and shoppers’ attention by promoting these products on top placements in Lazada for Sponsored.

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Once you start your campaigns, remember 4 tips to get the best performance this 11.11!

  • Always remember to have a healthy wallet balance to support all your campaign spends.
  • Enable auto top up to avoid running out of wallet balance.
  • Check each of your campaigns’ daily budget to pausing of the campaign mid-day and missed out sales & traffic on the sale day!
  • Make sure your products have a good product score to increase the chances of winning on Sponsored Discovery.

Read more about each solution and how you could start your promoting your products here!