Sponsored Solutions Newsletter – July 2022

[July 2022] What’s New on Lazada Sponsored Solutions

Removal of 3 pm Restriction on Sponsored Affiliate

From 17 June 2022, the 3 pm limit on sponsored affiliates will be removed. ​

  • This means Sellers can adjust their schedule and commissions anytime during the day and changes will go live the next day. ​
  • This will also mean there will be more opportunities for our affiliate partners to promote your store. ​

Find out more about this change here.

Enable Auto Top Up in your Sponsored Solution Campaigns

Why Auto Top Up?

Auto top-up avoids paused campaigns, which can result in missed traffic and sales opportunities! Our system will check in real-time so that your store will be able to capture potential traffic and sales.

For Auto Top Up via mobile, select Option 1:

Set up your Campaigns and enable Auto Top Up now!

Full launch soon: New Product Launcher

Lazada’s latest Sponsored Solution, the New Product Launcher is exclusively designed to help introduce new store products to shoppers.

Enjoy accelerated growth & sales of your new products!

  • Get up to 80% more Lazada users clicking on new product listings
  • Your products appear on more pages in-app!
  • Automated settings for better campaign management
  • Available in 3 setup modes: Automated, Test and Incubate modes

New Product Launcher will be launching on 4 August 2022. Meanwhile, stay tuned to our coming Livestream and information!