Level Up, Laz It Up: Goh Sin Huat

Hey Sellers! Today, we bring you the 2nd instalment to our 2021’s year-end Laz it Up series!

This time, titled: Level Up, Laz It Up! We will be sharing with you how different businesses level up with Lazada regionally! Featuring Singapore’s seller spotlight; Godwin from Goh Sin Huat, who sells a huge variety of large electrical appliances to Singaporeans since the company was established in 1959.

Goh Sin Huat has faithfully served the neighbourhoods in Singapore with their trusty brick and mortar stores islandwide. However, the business soon realised the importance of spreading the word about its brand online under the guidance of Godwin Goh. This was especially evident during the pandemic when their shops were forced to shut down for weeks.

“Having the right partner was crucial in navigating this challenging, new journey. Thankfully, that’s when Lazada came on board. Having relied heavily on foot traffic, face-to-face sales and word-of-mouth marketing, going digital felt really different. But any doubt we had was short-lived,” Godwin shared.

Opening up their e-commerce store on Lazada, Goh Sin Huat could immediately reap from the massive online traffic that comes with being on our platform. This was especially helpful as they suffered from a drastic dip in footfall during the pandemic even as their stores reopened.

Leveraging Lazada’s extensive Promotional Tools for sellers such as Storebuilder, Free Shipping, and Live Chat, the brand took giant strides in levelling up its online store. “Our collaboration with Lazada has been crucial in our e-commerce journey. I’m a believer now. E-commerce is the future of retail,” Godwin said.

Proud of his company’s progress on the e-commerce scene with the help of Lazada, Godwin then volunteered as a Seller Ambassador in 2019. This is Godwin’s way of lending a helping hand to fellow sellers, and assisting them in their seller journey on Lazada.

“At Lazada you are never alone. take advantage of the tools and mechanics available to you and you will experience growth!”

For existing sellers aspiring to become Seller Ambassadors with Lazada, great news because we are actively receiving entries for nominations till the end of April 2022.

A public poll vote will be conducted shortly after within our Seller Facebook Community, in the meantime, you may view the minimum qualifying criteria below!

Likewise, for new and aspiring sellers, it isn’t too late to Laz It Up! and commence your e-commerce journey.

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