Lazada x Omnicom Livestream Branding Training Round-Up

Hey Sellers!

Thanks to your positive responses, we have brought the Lazada x Omnicom livestream series back! We hope that everyone learnt a trick or two on how to oomph up their branding through the nine livestreams we conducted over the past three months. The courses are tailored specifically for our Lazada Singapore Sellers, making it easy for everyone to apply it their e-commerce store.

The courses — How to Brand Yourself, Building Brand Love Through Creativity, and How to Make Products Look Professional (For Free!) — are split into Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced levels. We will be giving you a round-up on the courses in this article, and if you have missed it, there will also be links for you to check the courses out.

How to Brand Yourself

Branding is more than a name and logo, more than a store, it’s the entire experience customers have at every touchpoint. Businesses are generic and can get lost in the sea of sameness, while brands stand out from the pack as they are unique and commands loyalty from their customers.

Through the three levels of branding in the Lazada x Omnicom livestreams, you can learn how to brand your business by finding your brand’s unique sweet spot, identifying your brand’s competitive edge, getting branded content done, and the use of influencers to further your brand’s position.

Check out the livestreams here: Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced.

Building Brand Love Through Creativity

Building brand love through creativity means going beyond the basic photos and copy that all your competitors have, and differentiating your brand by showcasing your product in exciting and interesting ways. You want to align the product you are selling with your target market’s passion, standing out amongst the sameness with eye-catching and emotional appeals.

There are many tips on how to achieve brand love and loyalty in this series of livestreams, along with real examples and inspirations for you to refer to.

Check them out here: Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced.

How to Make Products Look Professional (For Free!)

Taking professional photos of your products are no longer costly and troublesome. You can now easily take pretty photos that will stand out from your competition with your smartphone, and there are plenty of additional free tools & applications that will boost the photograph you took, either pre or post-process.

Learn how to frame your product, adjust lighting, use creative backdrops, edit your photos, and simple ways to add graphic designs to your photos through this series of livestreams. Check out the videos here: Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced.

You can also easily find the courses we have tailored just for Lazada Sellers at Lazada University. Check out this branding series and our previous social media series. You can pick and choose which ones to watch and learn, or just watch them all in your free time to ramp up your branding!