Hey Sellers! Today we are excited to welcome three new Seller Ambassadors onboard Lazada, Jacob Mathew from Agoramart, Daniel Tay from DanGao SG, and Brian Yee Seng Fu from Regensify!

For those unaware, Seller Ambassadors are Lazada’s community leaders and are an essential part of our seller team. They are exclusively selected by the seller community in recognition of their outstanding contribution to the community.

Our Seller Ambassadors get chances to share and feature their success stories, along with speaker opportunities at Lazada Seller Events. They can hop onto our dedicated Livestreams to share their Lazada journey and seller tools that best help them to increase their product visibility and have a better conversion.

For 2022, Lazada is pleased to welcome Jacob Mathew, Daniel Tay, and Brian Yee into our family of Seller Ambassadors! Knowledgeable in the ins and outs of selling on Lazada, they had also been helpful in reaching out to newer sellers as they navigate the unfamiliar e-commerce space. Jacob, Daniel and Brian are also founders of successful Lazada stores, Agoramart, DanGao SG, and Regensify, respectively.

Agoramart offers a wide array of high-quality household use and decor items. Their value-for-money items allow them to be a well-known brand in the industry for more than a decade. To know more about Agoramart and Jacob, check out their introduction video here!

Starting as a hobby, DanGao SG is a reseller store that was founded two years ago. Fast forward to today, they are now home and official reseller to a number of local brands! Daniel wishes to share his e-commerce journey with everyone and you can know more here!

A Singapore haircare brand, Regensify is exclusively formulated and manufactured locally a little more than a year ago. Not only so, but Brian also ventured into Malaysia with the help of Lazada’s Global Selling platform. Know more about the brand here!

Active community leaders, Lazada’s Seller Ambassadors are one of the first to know about upcoming policy changes and tools and get the first rights to participate in offline Lazada events and TBU-related events. Not only so, but they are also given first access to new tools and features and have access to Lazada’s management via dedicated support and meet-ups with the team.

The Seller Ambassador shares valuable feedback from their seller group, providing insights and best practices for other sellers during Lazada training sessions, and can even conduct their own training sessions for sellers within their network. They act as mentors, especially to the newer sellers on the platform.

Know more about the existing Seller Ambassadors on its exclusive site here!