Hey Sellers, we are happy to celebrate Lazada’s Seller Ambassadors during the Seller Ambassador Day 2022, held over livestream on 12 Oct!

During the livestream, we had seller ambassadors Brian, Philip, Anson, Barry, Qishan, and Daniel sharing how they had used Lazada to drive sales for their brands.

Building a Brand Store

Brian from Regensify kicked off the livestream, sharing with sellers his experience in building a brand store. Incorporated in April 2020, Regensify was launched in mid-June 2021 after one year of R&D and product development. Brian talked about the pros, cons and selling challenges of building a product brand store on Lazada, and also shared his knowledge in building a brand store in general.

Stock Planning for 11.11

Next, we have Philip from RC Global, sharing his knowledge on preparing stocks for 11.11. Philip has 40 years of working experience with different MNCs or SMEs, mainly in Traditional International Import & Export Business Management. Giving tips on stock planning based on his own experience, Philip shared that having good stock planning in place ultimately boosts sellers’ profits as you can supply the right items, in the right quantities to the customers who want them.

Getting your stock planning right requires careful management of your end-to-end processes, understanding and ability to access the right number of stocks including fast-moving, slow-moving, and dead stocks, and adopting a proper order and stocks management application.

Pricing Strategy

Next, we have Barry from Lava E-commerce kindly sharing his pricing strategy with the sellers. With more than 6 years of e-commerce management experience, Barry also manages LazMall, Lazada Marketplace, and Redmart accounts.

Barry shared three strategies for pricing, which are sandwich pricing strategy, increasing product value, and changing packaging.

Top Sales or Nothing

Qishan of Qisahn.com  shared his views on top sales or nothing during the livestream. Talking about winner takes all, the snowball effect, and market consolidation, he also touched on sales ranking on the Lazada app, and the importance of a sales team.

Sponsored Discovery for 11.11

Last but not least, we have Daniel from DanGao.sg to share with everyone how to best use Sponsored Discovery for 11.11.

Daniel talked about understanding the different campaign types and objectives, knowing that end goals might differ from seller to seller. To help sellers achieve optimal performance for their Sponsored Discovery, Daniel also shared tips on how automated and manual bidding might differ. To make things easier for new Sponsored Discovery sellers, he also created a clear chart on how to put it all together for 11.11!


You can check out the agenda of the livestream below, and you can watch the full replay on Lazada University here!