Lazada 2.2 Double Huat Sale Highlights

With Chinese New Year just around the corner, are you ready for the latest Lazada seller initiative, the 2.2 Double Huat Sale?

Teasing of the Double Huat Sale on our channels will begin on 28 Jan until 1 Feb, and the sales period for the campaign will be from 2 Feb to 4 Feb. Each of these days will feature different themes, catering to a wide range of both sellers and customers.

Over the three days of sales, we will be dropping suggestions for Lazada shoppers on how to spend their Angbao money, topping up their essentials after the auspicious reunion dinner, and doubling their fortune with lucky charms.

The campaign will be featuring 1-for-1 deals along with free shipping coupons for the customers, enticing and encouraging spending on the platform. To support our sellers, Lazada will also be utilising several mechanics to engage the customers, including Feed Vote To Win, Flexi Combo, Brand Boxes, and vouchers from sellers, banks, and platform.

Part of the 2.2 Double Huat Sale includes the $88,888 Grand Prize lucky draw that we have ongoing! With every order from 17 Jan to 4 Feb, Lazada shoppers gain a lucky draw chance, enticing them to put in more orders during the promotional period.

For sellers who have already joined the 2.2 Double Huat Sale, there will be the Lazada Bonus that you can check on your campaign page, selecting the SKUs you want to apply for the campaign and the co-funding rate.

While this is optional for sellers to join, you will gain from the extra traffic, extra discount, and a boost in basket size when customers are encouraged to spend a little more to gain that discount. The opt-in will close on 30 Jan, 11:59 PM, so get moving now!

To know more about Lazada Bonus, click on the banner below:

To know more about the 2.2 Double Huat Sale, you can also check out the Lazada 2.2 Graphic Portal by clicking the banner below!

Huat ah!