Lazada 6.6 Mid-Year Mega Sale Campaign

Hey Sellers! Are you ready for Lazada’s 6.6 Mid-Year Mega Sale!? We have a whole myriad of information and exciting tidbits for you on how to be a part of our 6.6 Mega Sale in this post today!

Teasing for the 6.6 Mid-Year Mega Sale will begin on 28 May, all the way to 5 June. The theme this time is “Refresh, revamp and rejuvenate with our 6.6 Mid Year Mega Sale!” Some of the promotional highlights we have for the sale are Lazada Bonus $6 off every $60, and Free Shipping (min $30 spend).

Campaign submission has begun and will continue to accept sellers’ submissions until 27th May. From now till 27th May, you can also register for your campaign mechanics, such as Flash Sales, Coins, Cashback, Free Shipping, and Promotions.

To be a part of this awesome campaign, we have set out some guidelines and eligibility as followed:

One of the main highlights of the sale, the Lazada Bonus $6 off every $60, is mandatory for the seller’s 6.6 participation. Users can collect the bonus during the teasing period and all redemptions have to be carried out on 6 June itself. Lazada Bonus is cofounded 50-50 between Lazada and participating sellers for the Lazada Bonus during this mega sale.

We will also be having a differentiator for this sale, separating purchases into high and low tiers. This will affect buyers’ usage of their Lazada Bonus, with the higher tiered purchases receiving $12 off for every $200 transaction, and the lower-tiered remaining at $6 off for every $60 spent.

Here are the categories under the 2 tiers:

An example of how the Lazada Bonus can be used during the 6.6 Mid-Year Mega Sale is as followed:

This is what you will see on your Lazada page for the Lazada Bonus:

Now for the fun parts! There are multiple promotional mechanics that we will be using for the 6.6 Mid-Year Mega Sale!

Storewide Flash Sales

For Buyers, they can enjoy exclusive discounts and bundles from sellers in the 1st two hours of sales. Additional vouchers will be provided from the platform to subsidize their purchase.

For Sellers, you will enjoy increased visibility through Homepage Icon, Search & Just For You, to capture guided & demand based shopping. You can also increase conversion by urging your customers to complete their orders before 2 am!

For more information on Storewide Flash Sales, contact your Key Account Manager (KAM)!

Surprise Boxes

Surprise Boxes go live on 6 June itself, with 9 different timeslots for sellers to choose from. They are live at 00:00, 08:00, 10:00, 12:00, 14:00, 16:00, 18:00, 20:00, and 22:00.

We also have a few choices for boxes’ worth, namely: $16 worth $50, $26 worth $100, $46 worth $150, $76 worth $200. Your KAM will be able to furnish more information on Surprises Boxes if you are keen on this.

Lazcoins & Rewards

Along with the sales are also the Free/$0.49 Gifts Program and the Flexicoins Discount Program. You can join these programs via the Seller Centre!

For the Free/$0.49 Gifts Program, sellers can offer your products for customers to redeem for free (Local Sellers) or at $0.49 (Cross Border Sellers). This program helps to provide exposure for your products, pushing them to our loyal and engaged customers on the app. From this program, sellers stand to gain up to 2x followers & build your 5-star reviews ahead of Lazada’s 6.6’s Mid-Year Mega Sale.

For the Flexicoins Discount Program, it will give additional discount (1%/3%/5%) for loyal Lazada customers when they redeem their LazCoins at check out. Sellers in this program stand to enjoy extra visibility on the coins channel and on their Product Description Pages. Get uplifts to 2.3x in Product Views, 2.8x units sold, and 2.9x in GMV.

There are also other promotional channels such as Feed Vote-To-Win, Feed Snowball, and LazLive for you to choose your 6.6 Mid-Year Mega Sale Campaign mechanisms from.

Furthermore, sellers should make sure you are already onboard our Free Shipping Max program! It helps maximise visibility for your products, increase sales, at the same time control costs.

Ensuring that you are on board the Everyday Cashback program before the mega sale campaign is also of utmost importance! Buyers can earn up to 9% cashback after purchasing on your store, which enjoys increased visibility on various parts of the app, along with a low commission rate and increase in organic traffic!

Visit our 6.6 One-Stop Portal get the latest updates on 6.6 and exclusive seller graphics! To make things easier for our sellers, we have a few important links for you.

​​6.6 Campaign Submission Page

6.6 One Stop Portal / Graphic Portal Page

6.6 Kickoff livestream on Lazada University

6.6 kick off livestream on Facebook

Lazada Bonus information and signup

Free Shipping Max signup

Everyday Cashback signup

Last but not least, we have an exciting Facebook Submission Contest  where you can win exciting prizes such as Marshall Emberton, Crumpler Backpack, Pikachu Limited Keyboards, vouchers, and more! Simply submit a minimum of 10 SKUs for the 6.6 Campaign, Like the Facebook post, and Comment with your Seller ID. Get additional chances to win when you send in the screenshots when you join Everyday Cashback / Free Shipping Max! The deadline is 27 May, 23:59!

See you at our 6.6 Mid-Year Mega Sale!