Beyond Lazada eCommerce: Spreesuki

In this episode of Beyond Lazada eCommerce, we talked to Kelly, the Founder of Spreesuki on her brand’s journey and how working with Lazada and their Key Account Manager supported and boosted her brand online.

“Joining Lazada in May 2015 was one of the crucial steps I took to grow my online business. SpreeSuki grew steadily with Lazada. I saw that the revenue generated could potentially replace or even exceed my full-time job salary. We have grown exponentially ever since and will be expanding to more product lines this year.”

Known for its sales of quality branded bags, Spreesuki was founded in 2013 before moving onto the Lazada platform in 2015. First started as a hobby, Kelly managed Spreesuki in between her full-time job in a startup. After being owed six months’ worth of salary, she quit the job and decided to focus fully on Spreesuki. Joining Lazada in May 2015, the first item she sold as Spreesuki was “a bunch of skincare products”. Till today, the brand continues to offer skincare products amongst quality branded bags in its e-commerce store.

With the pandemic restricting leisure travel, Spreesuki had observed an increase in sales as people cannot travel to shop for luxury goods themselves. “During the initial lockdown, I was very surprised to see such a sharp increase in demand on a normal day,” Kelly shared.

One of Spreesuki’s biggest challenges after onboarding onto Lazada’s platform is in the order fulfilment process during their peak period at the end of the year. As her business expanded, Spreesuki became well-known amongst consumers who love to get quality branded goods at a steal. Unfortunately, the rapid scaling of the business also made it difficult for Spreesuki to get the purchased goods into their customers’ hands quickly due to a lack of an order fulfilment system.

To overcome this challenge, the brand rolled out an in-house inventory management system and a “pick and pack” system, which is fully integrated with Lazada’s API.

“From what used to take us weeks to fulfil, we are now able to ship it in a matter of a day or two. It used to be the time of the year that we had the most customer complaints because everyone was waiting for their 11.11 haul or for gifts. Now, it has become the time of the year we rake in the most positive reviews.”

Being one of Lazada’s earliest onboarded sellers, Kelly is a veteran in the e-commerce scene. When asked for tips on how to excel on the platform, working closely with Spreesuki’s Key Account Manager (KAM) Chaohui has been one of the biggest contributing factors for the brand’s e-commerce success.

“On a day-to-day basis, she has great connections and knows exactly who to escalate issues to or seek additional support from so that we could serve our customers better. Before and during campaigns, her role is even more crucial as she plans and executes the necessary steps our store takes to achieve maximum exposure during the campaign.”

Not only so, but Spreesuki has always been open to trying out Lazada’s new initiatives, be it Lazada Bonus, Free Shipping, or even LazLive. Going onto livestreaming on Lazada helped Spreesuki to differentiate their store from the other sellers who sell similar products.

“Lazlive allows customers to have a closer look at and gain a better understanding of the product before making a purchase. It also helps build customers’ trust and encourages them to purchase from Spreesuki and make a return purchase in the future,” Chaohui shared.

We hope everyone had picked up some tips from Spreesuki through this new episode and don’t forget to tune in to our next episode of “Beyond Lazada Ecommerce” as we have many more seller stories to uncover!