In this episode of Beyond Lazada eCommerce, we talked to Bee Hong, Marketing Director of KOHLER for North Asia and Southeast Asia, about their event ‘Come Home to KOHLER’, and the brand’s Key Account Manager (KAM) on realising this unique event.


The ‘Come Home to KOHLER’ event, powered by Lazada, utilises Lazada’s powerful e-commerce platform to provide an immersive online-to-offline (O2O) shopping experience for shoppers. A global lifestyle brand and leader in kitchen and bath products, KOHLER partnered with Lazada Singapore to bring 30 complementary leading lifestyle brands together in one place.

“Kohler has a long history and we are celebrating 150 years next year. Today, Kohler has grown into a global leader in kitchen and bath manufacturer living on the leading edge of design and technology. We have over 50 manufacturing plants to produce a full spectrum of products and deliver a singular level of high quality to serve the global demand.”

During the month-long event, Lazada shoppers experienced a curated showcase of luxurious home, kitchen, bath, and lifestyle products personally at the KOHLER’s Experience Center. Shoppers can check out the various brands available in person while benefiting from Lazada’s online platform, creating a space of their own to ‘Come Home’ to.

“This year we are very happy and honoured to have the other brands participating in the Come Home to KOHLER event that includes Samsung, Bang & Olufsen, Osim, Lego, Razer, Nespresso, and many more,” Bee Hong shared.


To make the shopping experience smoother and easier for customers at the fair, KOHLER created a showcase of KOHLER’s top 10 best sellers from their LazMall. Some of the popular items that are included in the event are Malleco Touchless Kitchen Faucet for a real touchless activation, and Veil Dual Flush Two-Piece Toilet which has a modern and sleek design while giving users a water-saving function.

“Not forgetting our latest Moxie Handshower that has a speaker by Harmon Kardon. It really gives you a whole new experience with music during shower time!”

“We started the discussion with the Lazada team four months ago on the plan and worked intensively with various teams to bring this event to life. We are very appreciative that Lazada actually helps to connect us with the other brands that come in and participate in this ‘Come Home to KOHLER’ fair.”

Going from offline to online is very easy with Lazada’s innovative platform technology. Scanning the QR code on the product in the showroom brings customers directly to its Lazada shopping page where they can see all the applicable vouchers and discounts before checking out their cart.

Selecting store pickup allows customers to collect their purchases at the selected outlet right away. This O2O process is quick and convenient as the sellers only need to scan the customer’s QR code with their own seller app and the transaction will be completed.

“Since KOHLER’s launch on Lazada two years ago, they have adopted almost every tool available to them. KOHLER has always created seller store vouchers, flexi combos, and offered customers free shipping off every purchase,” Ryan, the brand’s key account manager shared. “KOHLER has always taken part in our Mega and A-plus campaigns as well, such as 11.11, Lazada’s birthday, and including our double digit campaigns, 6.6 and 7.7”

“KOHLER has also adopted store-up. This allows the customer to visit the store and see the product before they check out. It’s as easy as coming here talking to the staff and actually enjoying more discounts on Lazada.”

For the ‘Come Home to KOHLER’ fair, Ryan helped KOHLER in realising what the brand wanted to achieve and how Lazada can best support this goal. “KOHLER wanted to provide their customers with a sense of almost being at home at the showroom,” Ryan shared. On his part over at Lazada, Ryan coordinated with other brands on Lazada to help make the brand’s dream come true.

Come Home to KOHLER & Friends (Powered by Lazada) is aimed at satisfying the ever-changing consumer habits post-pandemic. It utilizes Lazada’s powerful e-commerce platform together with our Omnichannel Solutions to complete the shopping experience for consumers.

We would like to thank KOHLER for choosing Lazada and trusting in us! Don’t forget to tune in to our next episode of “Beyond Lazada Ecommerce” as we have many more seller stories to uncover!