Highlights of 12.12 All Out Year-End Sale 2023

Hey Sellers! We hope you had phenomenal sales during the 12.12 All Out Year-End Sale 2023!

Today we are here to bring you the highlights of this mega campaign, which is the last one for 2023. These insights will help in planning your 2024 campaigns!

Across Southeast Asia, local sellers see an impressive 5x uplift in sales on average during the 12.12 All Out Year-End Sale 2023! Also, electronics sellers have seen an even more spectacular 9x uplift in sales during the campaign!

Are you curious about what Lazada shoppers are snatching up during the 12.12 mega sales? The hottest sought-after categories and products will be revealed in this post!

Lazada’s shoppers most-wanted: Electronics

We have split electronics into six different categories: accessories, mobile and tablets, TV and video, audio, large appliances, and small appliances.

We have UGreen topping the Electronic Accessories category and Samsung for the Mobile & Tablet category during the 12.12 mega sales.

UGreen is well-known for its mobile phone accessories, offering hard-to-beat prices and well-made products to their Lazada customers. All of UGreen’s lightning cables are MFI cables, and their all-new GaN chargers are efficient and eco-friendly.

A popular international brand, Samsung always offers exclusive rewards and discounts for their Lazada customers during mega campaigns. Their Galaxy series of phones and tablets are especially loved by customers.

Local brand Prism+ tops the Television & Video category while we have American brand Sonos leading the Audio Category. These brands have also topped their respective categories during our 11.11 mega campaign.

Prism+ is a familiar Singaporean brand that many turn to for trusty monitors and TVs. The brand’s 4K Smart TVs are some of their best-selling products and their curved gaming monitors are highly praised for their premier gaming experience.

Providing a wide range of audio systems, Sonos has something for every price range. Producing immersive theatre-quality sound, Sonos’ audio systems are well-loved both on Lazada and everywhere around the world.

Panasonic reigns top in the Large Appliances category while Dyson took #1 for Small Appliances during the 12.12 mega campaign.

Panasonic offers everything Lazada customers will need to furnish their home, from fridges to washing machines, making it convenient for shoppers. What’s more, the brand offers free delivery on all their products on Lazada, making it a no-brainer for customers to shop with them.

Famous for its hair dryers and vacuum cleaners, Dyson is a well-loved brand on Lazada. The brand offers free delivery on all their products and a 15-day money-back guarantee, making it convenient and safe for their shoppers.

Lazada Fashionistas

With all the year-end travel going on, many Lazada customers took advantage of the 12.12 sales to nab themselves some winter wear, sportswear, and gear up with new luggage for their holiday.

American Tourister flagship store took home the top spot in the Fashion category this 12.12. Lazada customers know that they can travel in style with the brand, which offers great quality backpacks and luggage bags.

Meanwhile, Nike reigns at the top in the Sportswear category. Offering everything one would need for exercising, from shoes to tops, Nike makes it convenient for their Lazada customers with the wide range of sportswear available in its flagship store.

Home Essentials with Lazada

The 12.12 All Out Year-End Sale was a great time for Lazada customers to grab things they need at home. We have Rigel topping the list for Bathroom, Epitex in Bedding & Bath, Metro for Home & Living, and Walch in Groceries.

Offering free delivery on their products, Rigel makes it convenient for their Lazada customers to shop with ease. Their vast catalogue of bathroom products offers just about everything their shoppers need.

Epitex brings various deals and discounts to their Lazada shoppers, with Mix & Match, Clearance Deals and more available on the platform. They also offer followers vouchers, making it attractive for those who are on the fence about purchasing.

With Metro, you get to grab just about anything you would need at home. With fast and reliable shipping and a 15-day free return policy, customers gain peace of mind when purchasing from them.

Lazada shoppers know they are buying authentic products when they shop at Walch’s flagship store on the platform. Offering various cleaning products at attractive prices, it is a no-brainer to shop here.

Health is Wealth with Lazada

Health is wealth, and over at Lazada, we make it easy for shoppers to take care of themselves. We see Ensure topping the Health category, Aesop in the Personal Care category, and Estee Lauder for the Skincare Category for the 12.12 mega campaign.

With Ensure, you know you can trust them with the essential nutrients for both young and old. Our customers also shop on Lazada’s Aesop flagship store for authentic products that come with complimentary samples. Estee Lauder’s flagship store offers unbeatable prices and Limited Edition sets, along with Lazada exclusives which are deals only available on the platform.

Baby Products Galore

Last but not least, 12.12 mega campaign was a great chance for parents to do some shopping for their infants, taking advantage of the big discounts available.

Huggies are parents’ #1 choice in Diapers, while Nestle Nan is the top choice in the Infant Nutrient category.

For Nestle Nan, shoppers enjoy free delivery when they shop on the brand’s Lazada store, along with 15-day free returns, giving peace of mind for every purchase.

Huggies followers utilised the followers voucher mechanism that provides huggies followers 5% off their purchases, on top of exclusive discounts and deals. Joining their Huggies Club also gives buyers a sample pack, making it attractive for potential shoppers.

We hope this 12.12 round-up has been insightful for you! We look forward to our next mega campaign with you! Happy Selling!