White Magic’s Brand Journey with Lazada: A Tale of Growth and Success

Since joining Lazada as a seller in 2017, White Magic embarked on an incredible brand journey. Choosing Lazada as our first online platform in Singapore has proven to be a pivotal decision. Through a fruitful partnership and unwavering support from Lazada, we have experienced significant growth, establishing ourselves as a recognized and trusted eco-friendly brand.

Growing with Lazada

When we decided to expand our brand presence in Singapore, Lazada became our preferred choice.

From the very beginning, Lazada provided us with an exceptional platform to showcase our products and reach a wide audience. We were impressed by the professionalism and dedication of our Lazada key account manager, who worked closely with us to provide invaluable support and guidance. Their insights and best practices helped us make informed decisions and implement strategies to grow our store efficiently.

Year-on-Year Growth

Our journey with Lazada has been marked by remarkable year-on-year growth. Through participating actively in Lazada’s campaigns and leveraging the business tools available on the Lazada Seller Center, we witnessed a substantial increase in sales and brand awareness.

Lazada’s extensive reach and strong customer base have played a vital role in our success. The trust and recognition we gained as an eco-friendly brand on Lazada have been instrumental in capturing the attention of conscious consumers.

Harnessing Lazada’s Resources

Lazada has provided us with an array of business tools and resources to enhance our operations. We fully capitalized on the opportunities presented by Lazada’s Seller Center, utilizing the tools to manage inventory, optimize listings, and drive traffic to our store.

The platform’s user-friendly interface and comprehensive analytics empowered us to make data-driven decisions and improve our overall performance.

Established Eco-Friendly Brand

Thanks to our partnership with Lazada, we have grown from a fledgling brand to an established name in the eco-friendly space.

The continuous exposure and visibility offered by Lazada have played a crucial role in gaining traction and raising awareness for our brand. Lazada’s commitment to promoting sustainable and eco-friendly products aligned perfectly with our values, further reinforcing our presence as a trusted and reliable choice for environmentally conscious consumers.


Our brand journey with Lazada has been an incredible adventure.

We owe our success to Lazada’s unwavering support, innovative tools, and extensive reach. We are grateful for the opportunities Lazada has provided us, enabling us to establish ourselves as a reputable eco-friendly brand in Singapore’s e-commerce landscape. The future is bright as we continue to grow and evolve with Lazada by our side.