2022 Trendy Must-Have: Curved Furniture

Hey Sellers! 

Today we bring you an insight on furniture trends for 2022, specifically the hype over curved furniture, and how you can adopt a piece of two of these unique designs into your own home. This can also serve as an inspiration for how you can showcase your products that will complement your potential customers’ interior design!

We have been used to seeing straight, minimalistic interior designs soaking up the limelight over the past few years. The trend made curved furniture take a backseat in interior designs, but it is regaining steam. 

From late 2021, there has been an increase in demand for curved furniture pieces, especially after many already have their built-in furniture with hard angles. Adding a few curves here and there will give your space an additional oomph that will definitely awe-inspiring.

Taking the stylish rattan round furniture set above as an example, it is the perfect complement to your outdoor garden or the balcony at home. Equal parts of modern and timeless, the set soften the look of your space by cutting through the rigidness. If a whole setup is too much, you can always start with one sofa piece or add the rattan coffee table to your existing sofa set. 

Decorating your interior with curved furniture requires a different approach as compared to regular furniture with straight edges. For those who are looking to incorporate a full curved sofa into their living room, it is important to make sure you don’t have it stacked up against the wall.

Gorgeous pieces such as this modern velvety curved sofa should be placed away from the wall so it can be admired from all angles. It will be a waste if placed against the wall where you cannot view the piece fully. 

Choosing a bold colour or material can further elevate your furniture, making it worth your investment. Using velvet coupled with the luxurious looking dark turquoise colour in the above piece is bound to become a statement that will be admired and talked about by visitors to your home. 

As sellers, you can elevate what you are selling by having photos of the products on these modern and trendy pieces of furniture. Especially if you are selling products such as shelves, coffee tables, lamps, or even art pieces, the contrast between the more rigid designs and the soft look from curved furniture will aid in bringing out your products’ uniqueness.

Don’t restrict the use of such spectacular curved pieces of furniture to just your home; they are perfect for offices as well! Add a touch of luxury and a splash of extraordinary with a curved sofa and armchair set in the reception to lighten the mood. Already have a sofa? Then just pick up the marble-esque round coffee table or the plush armchair instead, allowing these pieces to complement your existing set.  

Get comfy when discussing deals with your potential clients and make them open both their hearts and wallets for your deal! We hope this insight into the up-and-coming trend in furniture for the new year is useful to you and we look forward to seeing how you will style your products with curved furniture in the near future.