Beyond Lazada eCommerce 2.0: Sulwhasoo

Hey Sellers,

In this episode of Beyond Lazada eCommerce, we talked to Ng Yong You, Sulwhasoo Assistant Digital Manager, on the brand’s story, challenges in the e-commerce space in Singapore, and how Lazada aids the brand in its outreach.

“You know Sulwhasoo as a renowned luxury Korean skincare brand; time-defying, anti-ageing, skin-revitalising skincare; signature ingredients and cutting-edge technology – but do you know their story?”

Sulwhasoo was founded by Mr Suh Sung-whan, who had wanted to kickstart Korea’s cosmetic industry with ginseng research. This research led to the creation of the brand’s hero product, a First Care Activating Serum.

In 2015, Sulwhasoo expanded its digital presence when took the leap into the e-commerce scene when it launched its Lazada store. This early digital adoption allows the brand to react quickly when COVID-19 struck, providing the same premium service online as they would in their offline store.

“Our partnership with Lazada has produced some of our biggest and most successful campaigns in 2020 all the way to 2022, breaking records and uplifts of sales up to 50 times!”

One of the biggest challenges that Sulwhasoo faced in the e-commerce space is the huge boom in online businesses during the COVID-19 pandemic. With more businesses onboard the same playing ground, it became a challenge to retain brand reliability and credibility in the digital space.

Yong You let on that the creation of LazPrestige and Lazada’s continuous campaigns aid the brand in ensuring Sulwhasoo’s customers are well-informed about them in the digital space. “Sulwhasoo’s prestigious branding and communications were still conveyed to the audience without fail.”

Despite the ease of purchase for customers with online shopping, Yong You explained that there is “a decrease in customer brand experience as we are unable to provide the holistic experience” that the brand strives for.

“Luckily, we partnered with Lazada on many other partnership programs to cover the gap. Campaigns such as Super Brand Day, Brand Mega Takeover, and the Mega Campaigns such as 11.11 comes with livestream content that helps us cover the gap.” Yong You shared.

Livestreams become one of Sulwhasoo’s biggest advantages on Lazada where they are able to provide up-close demonstrations of their products to a wide audience. It also aids the brand in answering customers’ enquires quickly and accurately, allowing them to clear their doubts before purchasing.

Sulwhasoo’s Lazada Flagship store also offers free shipping for any orders, live-chat support on weekdays from 9 am – 7 pm, and exclusive savings only on their Lazada store.

As part of the trusty LazPrestige umbrella, Sulwhasoo gained a substantial following in the digital space within a short amount of time and now has over 87,000 followers on Lazada. Not only was the brand able to reach customers during the difficult pandemic period when in-person sales are challenging, but Sulwhasoo is also able to reach different and new groups of consumers with their Lazada e-store.

When asked about the advantages that Sulwhasoo has while working with Lazada, Yong You let on that on top of the abundance of business opportunities that the brand gained, “you get to strengthen the brand and customer experience across generations.”

We would like to thank Sulwhasoo for the brand’s support and trust in Lazada over the years. We look forward to more campaigns and record-breaking milestones with Sulwhasoo and other Lazada sellers.

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